Renewing our community through the love of Jesus


We believe that these core values - Gospel, Community, and Renewal - should influence every area of our lives wherever we live, work, serve, or play.


Jesus' love reconciling and restoring our broken world

The gospel is the good news that God is both just and gracious and His love is expressed through Christ's life and works for a broken world. Trusting what Jesus has done in His death and resurrection restores our relationship with God, His kingdom power and presence comes upon us and begins to work through us.  Therefore, we strive to glorify God in all we do.


Investing in authentic relationships

As we grow in relationship with Christ, we can be open, transparent and genuine in all areas of our lives. Within all our personal relationships, we seek to intentionally represent Christ by showing His love, grace and compassion. We believe that our relationship with God is not something meant to be done alone. We encourage and support one another in our walk with God by regularly engaging together in worship, discipleship and fellowship.


Continual personal and social transformation

We believe that personal Renewal happens in us when we come to faith in Jesus. He fills us with the Spirit of God and we become a new creation. Jesus is continually giving us new life, freedom, purpose and hope for a future. Daily renewal is the fresh newness of His living spirit transforming us to do His good works. As a response, we humbly seek to compassionately apply justice, mercy and grace within our vocations, local communities, and the world. This societal renewal is the Spirit of God working through us to meet the spiritual and physical needs around us.



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