The Church is not a building or a day, it's the people

We believe life is better when you share it with other people. Jesus seems to think the same way, and that's why he established the Church. It's not there to be rigid and only for suits and dresses; its for people in p-jays. The Church is just a group of people who love and are loved by Jesus, and who want to live like Him. It's where your friends are, where you laugh, learn, cry, cook, share, and dream. It's living life with others. This kind of community cannot be contained to Sundays, it must be free to happen any day of the week.

Find a Life Group and make some friends

We call them life groups because, well, its where a group of people live life together. I know, not very creative, but work with us. Each one can be thought of as a mini-Church that meets locally. These smaller groups let people build real friendships, and do all kinds of things together. Sometimes they will go out and serve the community together, or watch a movie, or cook together, or study the Bible. Its flexible and organic, like the groups of friends you already have. The one distinction, is the direction and purpose of Life Groups. We are told to "sharpen" each other, so that means at least once a week Life Groups will meet to study the Bible passage which the previous sermon was preached on. This lets us ask honest questions, pray for each other, and see how to apply what we learn.